Konfekoop's aims are as follows:

  1. To represent the Basque Cooperatives and promote their institutional presence at the Public Institutions.
  2. To appoint people to represent it before the organisations and bodies that provide for this.
  3. To foster cooperative promotion and training by putting into practice appropriate actions, either directly or through the affiliated Federations.
  4. To encourage whatever organisations, institutions or activities are deemed beneficial for the Basque Cooperatives.
  5. To organise services of common interest for its affiliates.
  6. To raise the economic resources needed and distribute them in accordance with the parameters specified by KONFEKOOP’S Board of Directors..
  7. To encourage inter-cooperation, in all its forms, both of an institutional and corporate nature.
  8. To promote the spreading of the Cooperative Movement and, in particular, its principles as guidelines for putting into practice the values on which the Cooperatives are built.
  9. To intervene through mediation and conciliation procedures in whatever conflicts that may arise among the affiliated Federations.
  10. To promote actions that will contribute towards greater defence of the interests of the Basque Cooperatives and of its members..
  11. To produce reports, resolutions, official opinions or proposals on subjects affecting the Cooperatives.
  12. To participate in whatever organisations and bodies it deems appropriate.
  13. Any other function attributed to it by the legal provisions or agreements of the General Meeting.

Whatever the case may be, Konfekoop will hold and exercise the maximum representation of the Cooperatives and their organisations as required by Law.


Bai Euskarari